12 Step Recovery Program Meetings For Co-Sexual Addiction Dayton, Ohio Area ( Family Members ):
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Sex, Love, Romance & Co-Sex Addiction
12 Step Recovery Meetings SA, SAA, SLAA
Dayton & Cincinnati Ohio Area

    If you choose to visit a 12 Step Recovery Program Meeting for Sex, Love, Romance Addiction
    or Co-Sex Addiction your Anonymity  & confidentiality will be protected.

    That is why 12 Step Recovery Programs call their meetings Anonymous & use first names only.

    No one outside of the meeting will ever know  that you attended or what you shared.

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    Professional Help & Advice In The Form Of Counseling & Therapy Is Absolutely Necessary In The Beginning Of The Recovery
    Process As Sex, Love, Romance & Co-Sex Addiction Are Very Powerful, Self Destructive & Life Damaging To All Unfortunate
    People Who Suffer. Below Is A List Of Duly Qualified & Licensed Counselors, Therapist & Psychologist Specializing In
    Diagnosing & Treating Sexual Addiction & Co-Sex Addiction Dayton, Ohio & Surrounding Areas:
    12 Step Recovery Program Meetings For Sex, Love & Romance Addiction Dayton, Ohio Area:
    ( There Is No Softer Or Easier Way To Learn About Or Get Out Of Sex, Love, Romance Or Co-Sex Addiction )
    Only people in recovery for Sex, Love, Romance Or Co-Sex Addiction Or Professional Counselors Can Help You Period.
    12 Step Programs Like AA, NA, Al-Anon, ACOA, Or OA That Do Not Deal Specifically With Sex Addiction Will Not Help You In
    The Beginning Of Your Recovery Process Unless Your Sponsor Is Also in SA, SAA, SLAA, COSA, COSLAA, S-ANON, ETC.
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We urge you to reach out for recovery help!
    Men's Sex Addiction Group  is a 12-step based recovery program using the SA white book as a reference.
    Open to men only. Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. or Thursdays,  6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the ARK on
    Ginghamsburg South Campus at 7695 South County Rd.25A. Questions? call Eric, 937.684.7935 or Reed,
    937.475.5248. Ongoing  New Creation Counseling Center

    Polk Grove United Church of Christ- Mondays at 7:00 P.M.-8:30 P.M.
    US 40 And Frederick Rd.
    Near Dayton
    Vandalia, Ohio
    United States
    Phone:        937-890-1821 This number will connect you with someone at the church who can give you
    information about the meeting, however there is no affiliation with the church.
The only SLAA Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous Meeting in The Dayton, Ohio area. SLAA Website
SA Meeting at Ginghamsburg Church Tipp City, Ohio  SA-Sex-A-Holics Anonymous
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