Recovery for alcoholism, drug addiction, any other type of addiction or codependency requires  Surrender  .

    Surrender is admitting personal powerlessness over alcoholism,  drug addiction, other types of addictions
    or codependency & also accepting that consciously & unconsciously.

    Compliance can be manufactured by ourselves but we can not create surrender.

    Surrender is not a conscious condition or action.

    No one can make surrender happen.

    A certain degree of emotional & spiritual pain is required ( No Pain No Gain ).

    Compliance is half hearted acceptance, submission, resignation, yielding, acknowledgement & concession.
    Compliance is conscious ( intellectual ) assent but unconscious ( gut level ) non-acceptance.
    In compliance the Ego has been weakened but not dislodged from the alcoholics, addicts
    or codependents throne.

    Addicts, alcoholics & codependents need to find & believe in a higher power & they need to let go
    & let their higher power redeem them from their Ego or they will just stay sick
    ( hopelessly addicted or attached ).

    Within all human beings is inherent human brokenness, limitation & pain ( Human Beings Are Not God ).

    The human Ego likes to think that is has the power to make ones life be what it wants it wants it to be
    & how it wants it to be which in reality is purely fictional thinking in the spiritual world.

    Within all human beings is His Majesty The Baby-Inner King-Omnipotent Ego-Egocentricity which dominates
    their lives & blocks out brokenness, limitation, pain & the realities of human existence.

    The egocentric self or false God ( Higher Power ).

    In truth human beings can not save themselves from their human dilemma.

    Reason alone can not achieve faith in a higher power.

    Our human omnipotence ( Ego ) can not accept the need for a higher power or the letting go of
    the I, Me & Mine nor will it allow us to acknowledge imperfection.

    The Ego insists I will have what I want & have it when I want it.

    I will do what I want & do it when I want to.

    I want life to be the way I want it to be.
    I want what I want, I want to be in control of all that has to do with my life & I will prove that I am.

    This delusional, self deceiving, infantile, omnipotent inner King called his Majesty The Baby
    is entrenched in their being from birth & is well disguised in adulthood.

    No human being has the power to change the nature of God ( Higher Power ) or figure it out.

    People who believe they have this type of personal power are unknowingly allowing
    their defective human belief system to dominate their lives.

    Surrender is accepting their human brokenness, limitation & pain & giving up the power their own human
    Ego has been holding over them in the form of alcoholism, drug addiction, other addictions or codependency.

    The very things they created in their lives in an attempt to overcome their human brokenness, limitation & pain.

    When it comes to alcoholics, drug addicts, other types of addicts or their codependents
    Ego ( Edging God Out ) is their own worst enemy.

    The Ego remains inside of them even after surrender has taken place & must be dealt with
    on a daily basis if recovery is to be maintained over the long haul ( One Day At A Time ).

    When people who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction or other types of addiction
    continue to rely on self rather than a higher power of their own choosing they tend to regress in recovery.
    We ask them, how is that working for you?
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