For people new to 12 step recovery programs.
    Choosing to visit your very first 12 step recovery program meeting is often times a very trying & fearful
    experience for many newcomers.

    I remember when I went to my first meeting years ago & how fearful & afraid I was.

    Today I have no fear whatsoever because I know that people who work 12 step recovery programs
    are for the most part safe people for me to be around & share my troubles & concerns with.

    I have  personal boundaries  in place to protect myself from people who are not safe for me to be around but
    many newcomers do not as they are not that far along in their recovery.

    The main thing single unattached newcomers have to worry about is to not allow themselves
    to get emotionally attached to or romantically involved with anyone that goes to the same meetings as they do until
    they have had at least a year in recovery. If anyone comes on to them, flirts with them or ask them for dates or any
    type of social activities outside of the meetings they need to report the person to the trusted servants immediately.
    This is called 13th Stepping & it is not okay period. If this happens to you let others in the meeting
    know immediately so they can confront the person initiating the 13th stepping or have them removed & banned
    from further participation in that particular meeting. 13th steppers may come in the form of men or women.
    Everyone who participates in 12 step recovery programs must put strict personal boundaries in place
    & enforce them diligently just as they have to do outside of the 12 step recovery program meetings.

    12 steppers are very friendly to newcomers as they understand that they are afraid & fearful just as they
    were in the beginning of their recovery process.

    If you would like to go to a meeting but your fear of doing so is preventing you from going you can call
    the main office of the particular 12 step recovery program in the city you live in & tell them that.
    They may be able to get someone in the program to go to your first meeting with you to ease your burdens.

    The important thing for you is to get to your first meeting A.S.A.P.

    If you have not been in counseling or therapy & you have the financial means to afford it do not
    hesitate to visit a counselor or therapist for a personal evaluation & advice.

    We hope you get to your first meeting & begin your own personal journey into a whole new way
    of thinking & living that will improve your life & reward you & others in many different ways.


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