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Knowledge is the key to understanding & overcoming alcoholism, addictions or codependency.
Study the contents of the many links below to better understand addiction/codependency.
Recovery is a process & not an event. Rest assured you will have plenty of time to fully recover.
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This search & research page was provided by recovering alcoholics, drug addicts, other types of addicts & their family members.
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    Alcohol & Drug Prevention Websites USA
    80% Of All Crime & Violence In America Is Addiction Related
    Pages By Anonymous Recovering People
    Recovery Related Websites USA
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    When a person who is afflicted with an addiction
    finally decides to reach out for help
    & get themselves into an organized program of recovery
    this troubled world becomes a better place
    for all of us & especially for Police.
    Up to 80% of all Crime & Violence in America
    is in fact addiction related in one way or another.
    Codependency ( Family Members, Friends, Co-Workers & Loved Ones )
Take Care Of Yourself

    John Bradshaw says codependents have to figure everything out.
    If they just had enough time they could figure it all out.
    Life to them is a problem to be solved & not a mystery to be lived.
    That is why we put this Search & Research Page together.
    To prove an important point.
    Their loved one's problems with alcoholism, drug addiction
    or other types of addictions
    are not really their problems unless they make them their problems.
    This page will give them something to keep busy with for quite awhile
    until they finally come to that conclusion for themselves & let go.
Hush I pray you! What if this friend happen to be-God?  God teaches us to help each other so, Lending our minds out ( Browning ).
flybenji tm
Recovery Resources Dayton, Ohio Area
Recovery Resources USA
White House Drug Control Policy
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    Addiction Research Websites USA
    Ohio Political Lobby Addiction Treatment For Addicts
    Website For Professional Substance Abuse Counselors
    Our Favorite Recovery Websites

    dryblog ( A Plethora Of Recovery Goodies )

    Key Addiction Recovery Search Words
    Taking Care Of Yourself?

    What have you done today
    to take care of yourself?

    What are you planning to do
    tomorrow to take care of yourself?

    First Things First?
    ( 4 )  Stages Of  Recovery ( 12 Step Programs )

    ( 1 ) Denial

    ( 2 ) Compliance

    ( 3 ) Intellectual Acceptance

    ( 4 ) Emotional Acceptance
    ( process 3 to 5 years on average )
    Acronym For Think

    Think: Is It?
    If not just don't say it
    Child Neglect & Abuse Is Not Okay
    Online Addiction Recovery Groups
Recovery Definition: Insanity

Doing or saying the same
dysfunctional things
over & over again
& expecting different results.

The Question?

How Is That Working For You?

Some troubled people
do not want to  

Some of them can not change.

Some of them will never change.
In The Rooms
    Gratitude & The Three Circles
    Online Recovery Forums & Groups
Is there an elephant in your living room?
Child Abuse Is Not Okay
A Gazillion Things To Think About?
    Awareness ( What Not To Do TV Shows )
Social Stigma? Wikipedia
    Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Is America's Number One Health Problem
Bill W Wikipedia


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    12 Step Recovery Program
 Worry? Wikipedia
No Pain No Gain-Wikipedia
Gratitude? Wikipedia
Addiction Can & Will Kill You
Alcoholism? Wikipedia
Sex & Drugs? Wikipedia
Internet Mental Health?
Counseling? Wikipedia
Recovery Approach? Wikipedia
Criminology? Wikipedia
Optimism? Wikipedia
Think About It? Wikipedia
Pessimism? WIkipedia
What Is Surrender?
Own Your Part In It
Drugs & Alcohol Kill Addicts
God Bless Dr. Nora Volkow!
The Three Circles
Are you  enabling  an alcoholic, drug addict or other type of addict?
( For Family Members, Friends,
Loved Ones & Co-Workers )
To the Girl Scout Group in California working on a project to help fight &
stop drug abuse who sent us the following link    
Recovery Connection
Thank You So Much
For Caring About
People Who Suffer
From Addiction & Trying To
Help Others Understand
The Dangers Of Alcohol
& Drug Abuse.
We Love You For Doing That! flybenji
Not Rare In The Dayton, Ohio Area Or USA!
No Pain No Gain?
Addictions Kill Addicts Every Day
What Is Recovery?
Elephant In Your Living Room?
That No One Seems To Notice?
Famous Addicts
Killed By Drug
Social Stigma
White House Drug Control Policy
Dr. Nora Volkow Director Of NIDA
Bill W.
Sex & drugs?
Mental Illness?
Own Your Part In It
Thought Processes?
Child Abusers?
The Three Circles?
Stay in Touch With Recovering People?
Help Dayton, Ohio
Help USA
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' Take What You Like & Leave The Rest '