If you choose to visit a Twelve Step Meeting for any of these problems
    no one outside the meeting will ever know you attended or what you shared.

    Your Anonymity & confidentiality will be protected.

    That is why they call their meetings anonymous & use first names only.
12 step recovery program meetings
sex, love & romance addiction
Sex, love, romance addiction & co-sex addiction are not moral issues
Recovery begins by choosing to reach out to others for help
Recovery information provided by anonymous persons ( recovering sex, love, romance addicts & co-sex addicts )
    How to overcome sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction?
    This website is a free public service that has no income whatsoever.
12 step recovery program meetings
family members of sex, love & romance addicts ( co-sex addiction )
Dayton, Ohio Area Recovery Resources
' Helping sex, love, romance addicts & co-sex addicts who hit a bottom find their way to a program of recovery '
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Hush I pray you! What if this friend happen to be-God? God teaches us to help each other so, Lending our minds out ( Browning ).

    This web page was created & designed to help people who have hit a bottom
    & feel they may have a problem with sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction.

    People who want to stop acting out in this manner but have never been able to do so
    under their own willpower no matter how hard they have tried or how many
    different times they have resolved to themselves or others to finally stop or quit.

    If they do not want to take a good look at themselves by reaching out for help
    as suggested herein this web page will be of little value to them.

    However, it will help their family members, friends, loved ones or concerned
    co-workers better understand this difficult family & social problem.

    They are very serious personal & family problems ( tragic illnesses ) that always require
    professional diagnosis & treatment in the beginning of the recovery process.

    All persons with these types of problems are simply very unfortunate people
    irregardless of what less informed individuals may think, feel or express.

    We suggest that people who want help to overcome personal problems of this nature
    call or visit a professional counselor or therapist who is qualified to properly diagnose
    & treat sexual addiction & co-sex addiction in men & women.
    We also suggest that people seeking relief from these types of problems
    attend at least six twelve step meetings or church facilitated faith based
    recovery meetings that deal with sex, love or romance addiction
    & ask about their beginner's meetings & sponsorship programs.

Awareness, Education, Information, Recovery Resources

' Addiction is the only illness that tells you that you don't have it '

' The sex addict comes on, the love addict hangs on & the romance addict always moves on '
Recovering Sex Addict Website
Take what you like & leave the rest! However, don't forget it is coming from the horse's mouth! We speak from experience!
    Public Discloser & Legal Disclaimer:
    Information on this website www.flybenji.org/ was provided by recovering sex, love & romance addicts & co-sex addicts
    who choose to remain anonymous.
    Simply their own personal perceptions or opinions concerning the subject matter which do not necessarily reflect or represent
    the view point, opinion or position of any other recovery related concern, fellowship or organization this website links visitors to.
    Said information is not guaranteed or warranted to be true, correct, accurate, authentic or factual.
    We are not duly qualified mental health professionals nor do we claim to be.
    Sex, love, romance addiction & co-sex addiction have the power to destroy & take human lives.
    It is for this reason visitors should always consult with a duly qualified professional counselor, therapist or treatment center
    that specializes in diagnosing & treating sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction
    before they attempt to perform or do anything suggested ( Self Help Suggestions ) on this website or on other websites it links them to.
    Any personal knowledge visitors may have gained will have no power whatsoever over addictions or codependency.
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They will welcome you with open arms.
Recovering sex, love & romance addicts
help other addicts achieve abstinence
by sharing their experience, strength & hope.
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What All Active Untreated Sex, Love, Romance & Co-Sex Addicts Are Really Doing Is Losing Their Lives

Warning for all the very unfortunate people in the Dayton, Ohio area who suffer from sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction
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