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exotic dancers, erotic massage parlors, web cam sex sites, phone sex lines, swinger clubs,
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ladies of the night, peep shows, glory holes, adult book stores, pornography stores, sex toy shops,
houses of ill repute, whore houses, street walkers or secret sex partners?
Peeping? Stalking? Spying? Exhibiting? Touching? = Jail Or Prison Time!
Cruising 12 Step Meetings, Church Single Events Or Dances, Singles Dances Or Dating Services?
Cruising For Sex In Dayton,Ohio Area Could Be High Risk Dangerous Behavior

    There are many very unfortunate promiscuous people both men & women in the Dayton, Ohio
    area & many of them are  childhood sexual abuse, molestation, rape or incest victims  
    or victims of other types of past life trauma that often times lack the capacity to say no because of the power
    their past life victimization has over them which has caused them to develop problems with
    sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction.

    They are living in  denial  &  delusion  & have no idea that their severely dysfunctional sexual or relationship
    behaviors are abnormal, self destructive or harmful to others.

    They regularly frequent the types of places or people described above always looking for new
    & more exciting sexual acting out partners to feed their addictions to sex, love or romance.

    Many of these unfortunate people may be infected with STD's such as Chlamydia, Genital Herpes,
    Genital Warts, HPV, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, HIV or Full Blown Aids.

    Some of the people they may be attempting to act out with sexually could very well be
    undercover police officers  or underage people ( minors ).

    This type of activity could get their name & photograph featured in The Dayton Daily News
    under the John's section or on the 6 O'Clock Evening News.

    Having or attempting to have sex with a minor is a felony & possible prison time
    even if the minor lies about their age.

    It is also illegal for adults to sexually pursue minors in any way shape or form including
    the inter-net or have in their possession any type of child pornography.

    It makes no difference if the minor is acting in the capacity of a sex industry worker
    or a prostitute selling herself to feed a drug habit.

    What all of these very unfortunate people are really doing is losing their lives the offenders
    & victims alike.

    If they are married people sooner or later they will get caught acting out sexually & could lose
    their marriages or get busted by police & end up becoming registered  sexual offenders.

    Sex, Love, Romance Addiction Or Co-Sex Addiction   are not moral issues. No human being has the power
    to make themselves sexually addicted nor do they have the power to prevent themselves from becoming
    sexually addicted. ' They seem to be born that way ' Big Book Of AA-Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Sex, love & romance addiction are very serious tragic illnesses that carry with them severe life damaging

    Any man or woman in the Dayton, Ohio area who is living this type of a secret double life who wants or needs
    help getting out of Sex, Love, Romance or Co-Sex Addiction may get that type of help immediately simply by
    attending at least six twelve step recovery meetings in the Dayton, Ohio area that deal with sex, love,
    romance or co-sex addiction. Recovering sex, love, romance & co-sex addicts are the only people capable
    of helping them simply because it takes one to know one. If they can afford professional counseling & therapy
    or a treatment center that specializes in treating sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction that would even be
    better for them. If not the twelve step recovery programs are free.

    Sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction are progressive & will only get worse as time goes on if left
    untreated. It always leaves a trail of destruction behind all those afflicted. It has the power to destroy or take
    human lives just like alcoholism or drug addiction. It will not magically disappear or go away without help.
    Help is readily available to all who want or need it.
    Recovering people will welcome them with open arms.
    All twelve step recovery meetings in the Dayton, Ohio area are anonymous.
    They use first names only.
    No one outside the meeting will ever know they attended or what they shared.