Recovery Banters & Quips
No Means No
One Day At A Time
Live & Let Live
Keep It Simple
Say What You Mean
Mean What You Say
Let It Begin With Me
Focus On Yourself
Hit Your Knees
Your Own Business
No Pain No Gain
Set Boundaries
Not My Problem
Ask Questions
Get Clarification
Zip Your Lip
Grow Up
Be On Time
First Things First
Stay In The Now
Just Be
Sit With It
Time Out
Create A New Life
Validate Others
Stop Obsessing
Say It Softly
Do It Differently
Take Care
Of Yourself
Calm Down
Listen & Learn
Let Go Of It
Feel It
Change Behavior
How Important
Is it
Want To See
God Laugh?
Show Him A Copy
Of Your Plans
Just For Today
Keep An Open Mind
Humility =
Progress = Serenity
Acceptance =
Is A Process
Not An Event
We Either Recover
Or We Die
Shortcomings =
Stop, Look, Listen
You Are Not Alone
Pain Is Inevitable
Suffering Is Optional
Worry Is A Poor Use
Of Imagination
No Feel No Heal
If Nothing Changes
Then Nothing
Expectations Are
One Foot In The Past
& One Foot
In The Future
You Are Standing
A Pile Of Crap
Trouble Brings
Experience Brings
Failure Is An Event
Not A Person
Focus On The
Not The Problem
I Can't
He Can
I Think I'll Let Him
Go To Sleep
God Is Awake
I Used To Be
A Victim
Now I Am
A Volunteer
Waiting Time
Is Not Wasting Time
Grace Is
God's Responsibility
Honesty Is
Our Responsibility
Courage Is Fear
That Said It's Prayers
If Your Problems
Have Brought You
To Prayer
They Have Served
A Purpose
Fear Is The
Where Negatives
Are Developed
Today Is A Gift
That Is Why It's
Called The Present
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