What Causes Some People To Become
Addicts, Alcoholics Or Their Codependents?

    As recovering alcoholics, drug addicts & their codependents we choose to conclude that we have no idea
    what causes some people to become addicts, alcoholics or codependents.

    Search the inter-net & read all the writings & debates & you will agree that no one really knows for certain.

    However, one simple fact can not be disputed by anyone.

    Millions of Americans suffer from addiction, alcoholism & codependency for whatever reasons.

    The only known solution to this very difficult family & social problem is recovery one addict or alcoholic at a time.

    Total abstinence one day at a time is the only known viable remedy for alcoholism & all other addictions
    including codependent behaviors.

    Abstinence or avoidance is also the only known addiction prevention measure that could ever work
    to prevent young Americans from becoming addicted to anything.

    If they refuse to take that first drink or drug during their lifetime they will not become addicted to alcohol or

    If on the other hand they choose to ignore the warnings & experiment with alcohol or drugs at some point
    in their lives there is always the chance they could become hopelessly addicted to these things & especially so
    if any type of addiction is present in other family members ( Genetics ) ( Family Secrets ) ( Sins Of The Fathers ).

    Many recovering alcoholics & drug addicts generally consider their first drink or drug to be the one
    that got them hopelessly hooked & the same is mostly true for other types of addicts.

    The problem with drugs or alcohol is they do what they are supposed to do & medicate pain
    or augment pleasure.

    Many troubled people like the effect these things have on them & this is what gives them
    the personal incentive to continue using or drinking.

    A psychiatrist at the VA says they learn how to prescribe their own medication for emotional pain or discomfort.

    Young people who lack maturity & the basic fear of possibly becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs
    are especially vulnerable.

    Recovery is in fact about choosing to never ever again take that first drink or drug
    to avoid becoming hooked all over again.

    The bottom line is the alcoholic must not drink, the drug addict must not use & the codependent
    must not engage in codependent behavior or else they will surely suffer
    more painful life damaging consequences.

    We know we are alcoholics, drug addicts or codependents & focus on remaining abstinent
    to avoid the painful life damaging consequences of acting out with alcohol, drugs or codependency.

    The truth is, we simply have no other choice.

    We choose to leave the exhaustive medical research up to the professionals like  NIDA  .

    We let them figure out what causes some people to become alcoholics, drug addicts, other types of addicts
    or suffer from codependency issues.

    They seem to be born that way ( Big Book Of AA Alcoholics Anonymous ) is good enough for us.

    What difference does it make what caused someone to become an alcoholic or drug addict if they are dead?

    Personal recovery efforts can prevent premature death in alcoholics & drug addicts who want to stop or quit.

    That is our primary goal & aim with flybenji.

    To give them & their family members, friends, co-workers & loved ones the information
    they need to know about  ( how to & where to reach out for help ).

    The rest is strictly up to them.

    Addiction & alcoholism can be & often are fatal which is a concrete fact
    that no human being on earth can deny, debate or dispute.

    Active untreated alcoholics, drug addicts & other types of addicts
    really only have two ( 2 )  Choices : ( 1 )  Recovery  ( 2 )  Death .

    Alcoholics, drug addicts & other types of addicts must choose recovery
    or possibly experience premature loss of life as a result of chronic addiction or alcoholism.

    What caused it is not nearly as important as reaching out for help to get clean & sober & stay that way.

    Sadly, recovery programs are not for people who need them only for people who want them.

    That old saying: "You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink applies."

    That is one of the reasons why a lot of unfortunate alcoholics, drug addicts & other types of addicts
    end up having unexpected  Funerals   at an early age & then take up permanent residence in a  Graveyard .

    That is the harsh  Reality  of their personal dilemma.

    Many of us in recovery have lost family members, friends or loved ones to the disease of addiction.

    Brutal  Honesty  combined with new found  Spirituality  on the part of those afflicted are the only known things
    on Mother Earth that seem to have any resemblance of power over addictions of any type or kind.

    Recovering alcoholics, drug addicts & other types of addicts & their codependents
    can & do help other unfortunates recover by simply sharing their personal experience, strength & hope.

    They will do the same for you, your family members, friends & loved ones if they choose to reach out to them.

Hush I pray you! What if this friend happen to be-God? God teaches us to help each other-so, Lending our minds out ( Browning ).
They will welcome you with open arms!
Dayton, Ohio Area Recovery Community
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