13th Stepping Is Not Okay
Acting out sexually on past life trauma or abuse victims that often times
lack the capacity to say no can best be described as a form of rape.
Red Flag

    Most people go to 12 step recovery program meetings
    or faith based recovery program meetings
    to get better & others are not ( Maureen Canning The Meadows ).

    Some people, men & women alike, regularly cruise various different 12 step meetings
    or faith based recovery meetings for the sole purpose of trying to find yet another new
    & more exciting romantic or sexual acting out partner.

    They know from past experience that 12 step meetings & faith based recovery program meetings
    are a good place to find them as many newcomers experience relationship difficulties or have been abandoned.

    The supposedly recovering men & women ( predators ) who engage in dysfunctional relationship behaviors of
    this type ( 13th stepping ) are more than likely also addicted to  sex, love or romance  but not aware of that fact
    due to their  denial & delusion.

    Sex, love, romance addiction & co-sex addiction are very common among recovering alcoholics, drug addicts,
    other types of addicts & their codependents but very few of those afflicted are consciously aware that they also
    have these types of problems ( The Meadows one of America's top treatment centers for addicts ).

    They actually think their dysfunctional relationship or sexual behavior is perfectly normal boy girl stuff.

    To protect yourself from possible 13th stepping ( untreated active male or female sex, love or romance addicts )
    all recovering people would be wise to establish  personal boundaries  & enforce them diligently.

    That responsibility is your's & your's alone as no one will do that for you.

    People that practice 13th stepping always seem to go after the vulnerable needy wounded ones
    ( past life trauma or abuse victims ) that often lack self protective personal boundaries
    ( lack the capacity to say no due to past life victimization or trauma ).

    Becoming victimized by a member of your own 12 step recovery program is just like being victimized
    by your own counselor, therapist or minister & the after-effects are just as devastating.

    If you are a newcomer to 12 step meetings or faith based recovery meetings for any type of problems
    & anyone, male or female, approaches you, or tries to flirt around with you, before, during, or after the meeting,
    or follows you out to your automobile in the parking lot & tries to engage in conversation with you
    or asks you out on a date, we strongly suggest that you politely & firmly, just say no thank you, I came here
    only for recovery ( report the person to the group's trusted servants/leaders or the minister of the church ).

    Beware of any type of leisure or social activities suggested outside of the organized recovery meetings.

    Never trust anyone ( man or woman ) just because they participate in 12 step recovery program meetings,
    faith based recovery program meetings or they have been in recovery for many years.

    Know that many  promiscuous  male & female 13th steppers carry & routinely spread incurable  STDs  .

    Also know that a 12 step meeting is a good place to find yourself yet another short term lousy love relationship.

    That could cause you enough grief to have a major relapse which is not something recovering people need.
    13 Steppers are predators ( offenders ) that constantly cruise various 12 step recovey
    meetings always looking for new & more exciting sexual acting out partners ( victims ).
    They are very clever & know exactly which trauma or abuse victims to go after.
    They know what childhood trauma & abuse victims want to hear & know how to say it.
Red Flag
We Warned You!
Sexually Transmitted Disease Wikipedia
Hush I pray you! What if this friend happen to be-God? God teaches us to help each other so, Lending our minds out ( Browning ).
13th Steppers Are Sexually Addicted Men Or Women
Beware Of The Snkae In The Grass
13th Stepping Beware
Beware Of The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
All people working 12 step recovery
programs have a right to have their hearts
protected & cared for by all other members
of their recovery groups period.
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