Recovery Like Stuff

    You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink.

    There ain't nothing so bad-That acting out in any type of addiction can not make it worse.

    Just because you think someone in your meeting or your counselor is obviously living in denial
    or experiences what you are calling mental challenges does not mean they can not help you or other people.

    If you need an answer now-The answer is No.

    Time out.

    I just forgot what I was going to say-Group-Thanks for dissociating!

    Sometimes it ain't good to be to smart.

    If you are hell bent on jumping out of a flying airplane
    It is strongly suggested that you put on a parachute before you depart the aircraft ( it's only a suggestion ).

    If you know more now than you did the day before you walked through that door you are on your way.

    Keep coming back.

    People in recovery often proclaim that God does not make junk.
    However, when it comes to some of the people I come across I think he may have set aside a few exceptions.

    One day at a time.

    You had better figure out how to get Dumb Real Fast or you are going to die.

    What other people think of me is none of my business.

    I don't care if you like me or not.

    Guilt tells me what I did was not good.

    Shame tells me that I am no good.

    Denial is not a river in Egypt.

    First things first.

    Principles Above Personalities: If you get pissed off at someone
    & you don't come back here anymore we will just go on without you.

    If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck & quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

    Is there an elephant in your living room?

    It' called the Nike Step-Just Do It.

    If you can not find a way to forgive yourself for all the dysfunctional things you have done to hurt yourself or
    other people you will never be able to help anyone who still suffers.

    I was living but I was dead.

    Who you really are always speaks louder than what you say.

    No pain no gain.

    When I was a young minister I had 4,800 people attending my Sunday Services.
    I really did not have anything to say but I sure knew how to say it ( George Emery ).

    I am is not an alcoholic or addict.

    Let it begin with me.

    Please limit your sharing to stuff that's true.

    I have known you for over a year now.
    How is it that I know more about your relationship partner than I do you?

    Did you ask God to forgive you?
    Well he did.
    Are you bigger than God?

    What is your girlfriend's first name.
    Joyce is your higher power.

    You need to go to a meeting & listen to some people who will blow smoke in your face.

    I am a worthwhile person deserving of pride.
    I am loved & accepted by people who know me as I am.
    My needs can be met by others if I let them know what I need.

    I prefer a higher power with some skin on it.

    Always confront the detailers & ruminators-Who asked you to write a book about it?

    Most people don't really care about how alcoholics or drug addicts are feeling.

    I hit bottom when the officer handcuffed me & read me my rights.

    What in God's name could really be worse than the aftermath of throughly pissing off an alcoholic's daughter?

    Government statistics suggest that personal recovery efforts do not benefit dead alcoholics or drug addicts.

    What did you expect?

    Vindictive? Tell someone you think they are an addict-Always drives them deeper into denial & delusion.

    I try very hard to be just like I am but everybody wants me to be just like them ( Bob Dylan ).

    Jesus stood before the crowd & proclaimed: " Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone."
    A stone came flying out of the center of the gathering & hit him right between the eyes.
    Stunned to say the very least he asked out loudly, " Is that you again Mother?"

    If God wanted his children to talk more than hear-He would have given them two mouths instead of two ears.

    Addiction can & will kill an alcoholic or drug addict quicker than a cat can lick his balls ( Melvin Johnson ).

    Birds of the same feather always flock together.

    There are four stages to Recovery:
    The first stage is Denial.
    The second stage is Compliance.
    The third stage is Intellectual Acceptance.
    The fourth stage is Emotional Acceptance ( 3 to 5 years )

    You will know when your loved one is really in recovery.
    When they finally come around to make their amends.

    I cut out wine, whiskey & women & now I'm cutting out paper dolls.

    Beauty fades, dumb is forever & born crazy can not be saved, fixed or rescued unless God wants to do it.

    Why do flaming codependents keep their eyes closed when they make love to their alcoholic/addict husbands?
    Answer: They don't want to see them have any fun.

    If you spot it you got it.

    Let's get teachable.

    Short form of Serenity Prayer: F__k it.

    When we judge other people & say bad things about them are we really talking about ourselves? Projection!

    If they did it to them they will also do it to you & you can almost always count on that for sure.

    People who blame others for all of their love life problems are not healthy relationship choices.

    Don't allow yourself to become romantically involved with anyone
    who attends the same meetings you do for at least a year.
    After you have a year in the program do not involve yourself with anyone
    who has less than a year in the program ( 13th stepping ).

    A 12 step meeting is a great place to find yourself yet another short term lousy love relationship.

    The sign says Hope Is Found Here not Romance.

    I think God could care less whether You believe in him or not.

    The reason you are the only person in your family who is in recovery
    is that you are sicker than all of the rest of them put together.

    God always knows who is telling the truth.

    Not drinking or using would certainly be helpful to you.

    Thanks for blowing all that smoke up my ass.

    Why would anyone ever want to say or do anything to hurt someone
    they claim they love & care about?

    Are you forgetting the fact that you are the person that picked her or him
    & by the way what does that really say about you?

    People don't like you because you are always being rude, a jerk, know it all, you talk to loud &
    way to much!

    If you are always late or keep losing your car keys it is time for you to do some real recovery work.

    If you want my advice I will surely give it to you but do not forget where it's coming from
    as I am just as sick as you are or I would not be sitting here talking or sharing with someone like you.

    Recovery must come about in all three of these areas: Spiritually, Emotionally & Physically.
    None of this stuff will mean all that much to you if you are flat broke so lets also ad find yourself a good job.

    Knowing you & the way your are if you think this one was really that bad wait till you meet the next one.

    If you are not making positive changes in your life & showing daily improvements
    what good are your recovery efforts really doing for you or your life?

    There used to be a meeting here in town called Kleptomaniacs Anonymous.
    Unfortunately they folded up a couple of years ago.
    Every time they passed the basket it would come back empty.

    You can not control an addiction.
    No human being can do that.
    If they could it would not be an addiction.
    I suggest that you stop thinking that you can do this or that
    to make your addiction problem go away
    & start asking a power greater than yourself
    to help you stay clean & sober
    & do that every morning on a daily basis
    & preferably on your knees.

    My new policy in recovery is to not hate anyone.
    If I ever change my policy I have a few people in mind.

    Just for today.

    It is easier to just forgive them.

    Takes one to know one.

    Please stop putting your cigarette butts in the urinals-The janitor says it makes them hard to light.

    Easy does it.

    Try not to think about Her or Him so much.

    Tell people you love & care about them.

    Some people do not want to change.
    Some people can not change.
    Some people will never change.
    God could & God would ( if ) God were sought.

    All fur trappers have to skin their own skunks.

    Hug a lonely man boy.

    What goes around comes around.

    Try being on time always.

    Codependents automatically attract the romantic attention of alcoholics, drug addicts or other types of addicts
    every where they are or go.
    They think they are in love with each other & marry to create what could best be described
    as a severely dysfunctional family.
    They reproduce & some of their children grow up to be various types of addicts, alcoholics or codependents.
    Their children also marry & reproduce to insure that twelve step recovery programs will be here forever.
    Some of them will ultimately go on to become professional counselors or therapist & work in treatment centers.
    Many others who are codependent will become nurses or school teachers for the most part a tradition.

    Relax, you will know when your codependent relationship partner
    is finally choosing to work on their self when they keep saying things like:
    " I am sorry you feel that way " or " You could be right ".
    They like to play these types of word games with recovering alcoholics & drug addicts & other types of addicts
    who really need to safely vent their negative feelings irregardless of what they are or are not.
    When they say you could be right ask them why they feel that you could be right?
    When they say I am sorry you feel that way ask them why they are sorry you feel this way?
    Every single time they respond hit them with one question after another.

    It works ( if ) you work it.

    Sin has many handles. A lie is the handle that fits them all.
    Your sins will follow you around everywhere you go & someday they will catch up with you & run all over you.
    Amen Brothers.

    Recovery is full of God's paradoxes.

    I give up.

    Would you like to grow up before you die?

    Not my problem.

    Please leave your partner at home-I can't help them if they are not here.

    To be perfectly honest with you I am a liar.

    Just because you sit in a garage all day does not make you a car.

    Who wants to stay as sick as their secrets?

    I would give them anything they wanted-To keep their mouth shut.

    All sinners read this Bible & cram for the finals.

    If you don't see them doing hardly any of the work around here don't fall in love with them.

    Every man has a right to their own opinion but they do not have the right to be wrong in their facts.

    Always be careful what you pray for-You might just get it.

    Always remember it is much easier to get into a bad relationship than it is to get out of it.

    Recovering people don't give advice Overtly-Just Covertly.

    The pot calling the kettle black.

    Now is the only time there really is.

    If God be for you who be against you?

    Take care of yourself.

    Focus on yourself.

    Hit your knees when you get up in the morning & before you go to bed at night.

    Forget the past & stay away from the future so you won't miss anything going on now.

    The road to Rome was not built in a day.

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

    You can embroider a fool's coat with gold but it is still a fool's coat.

    God helps those who help themselves.

    If you are waiting for God to do your work for you- Prepare yourself for a long wait.

    Denying is Lying.

    Love is not a feeling-It is how you treat someone.

    God works in strange & mysterious ways.

    Fear is false evidence appearing real.

    H.A.L.T. = Hungry, angry, lonely, tired.

    Gut feelings are not always accurate or fair to other people because they are influenced by stinking thinking.

    90 meetings in 90 days helps to keep the cops away.

    Say what you mean & mean what you say.

    All human beings must live their lives on their own personal life's terms ( It Is What It Is ).

    Like it or not, all of God's Creations must bloom where they are planted.

    Courage is fear that has said it's prayers.

    The only time is now.

    Trying does not cut it-You have to actually stop drinking, using, acting out in other addictions or being

    If you think I am really sick-You should meet my relatives.

    A hundred years from now there will not be one person left on earth that knew you let alone how much you had.

    You can not take it with you & even if you could it would probably burn.

    All men are created equal & especially the ones born into wealthy families.

    A good lawyer always knows who the judge is & how he decides cases.
    An excellent lawyer is more often than not a personal friend of the judge.

    You do the crime-You do the time.

    You can run away from people you have used or harmed-But not God-He will always be there with you.

    Active untreated addiction always perverts & negates everything that is good about a person.

    I came to the realization that almost everything I thought or believed prior to getting myself
    into a program of recovery could have been defective.

    Anger, resentment & rage can & will kill an alcoholic/addict-God made that possible.

    God this person is sick-How may I be of help to them? Save me from anger.

    Codependency is focusing more on another person's short comings & character defects than your own.

    An expectation is a premeditated resentment.

    Trouble brings experience-Experience brings wisdom.

    We have a thinking problem.

    Resentment is a roadblock on the road to recovery.

    Forgiveness is the letting go of the hope for a better past.

    A coincidence is God's way of being anonymous.

    Your mind is a bad neighborhood-Don't go there by yourself.

    Laughter is the best part of recovery & often the best medicine.

    Integrity is what we do when no one is looking-Image is what is seen.

    When you have a problem pickup the mirror instead of the magnifying glass.

    Focus on the solution-Not the problem.

    I am responsible for getting my very own needs met.

    I am larger, better than I thought.
    I did not know I held so much goodness ( Walt Whitman ).

    If they keep snakes in their car don't ask them for a ride home.

    If you are going to make a recovering addict your higher power make sure your HP is clean & sober.

    I was flat broke-My accountant advised me to rent an apartment over a bank-
         Thanks to him- Now my assets over 50 million dollars.

    Peace Of Mind & Serenity are always hard to find in a bar room on Friday nights.

    Did you know that God is always observing us & knows about everything we say or do?

    Most popular recovery lie-I did the very best that I could at that time in my life.

    The smartest human being on planet earth lives in a one bedroom apartment in California.
    He is Bi-Polar & receives $1,400.00 a month disability income. His only income.
    He is the modern day Albert Einstein & scientist from all over the world consult with him over the inter-net.
    He has 15 computers in his apartment that he uses to solve complicated Mathematical problems.
    He has been offered millions to work for business, industry & universities but always refuses.
    Money & what it could buy him simply do not interest him ( material things ) Broadcast on 20 20 ABC TV.

    You can not keep it-Unless you give it away.

    If anyone in recovery ever hands you anything with writing on it always investigate it & check it out.

    Feelings are more like thoughts-Different from the laying on of hands.

    If you trip over a stone & die someone will take over your job in less than five minutes
    & carry out their new duties & obligations just as well as you did for all those years.

    Mean Vindictive Drunk: I voted my home town dry & then I moved to another town full of bars & night clubs.

    Old Timers: Used to be wine, women & song-Now it's same old gal, Metracal & sing along.

    Anyone who has ever been married knows who the real boss is in almost every home
    & it is very seldom the one that wears the pants.

    Don't buy into it-( The Pitch ).

    If you believe it-You will receive it.

    Wrong choices or bad decisions often motivate addicted people to seek out recovery help or kill themselves.

    All addicts have their stash.

    The Reality Of Life: We are born, we eat, we drink, we shit, we piss & then we die. ( Landmark Forum ).

    There are many other types of addictions-Very few alcoholics or drug addicts only have one of them-Meadows.

    Really bad bumper sticker: I love cats-They taste just like chicken-Song Wong.

    America is the land of untold wealth-Most of it untold around April 15th of each year.

    Bumper Sticker: Yes this is my truck-No I will not help you move.

    If you are the type of person who enjoys being validated avoid meetings for codependency issues.

    He asked me if I thought I was dumb or stupid unfortunately I did not understand his question.

    How To Spot An Addict? Always look for people who eat to much, love to much, drink to much,
    overindulge in drugs, gamble to much, work to much, smoke to much or buy groceries at gas stations.

    If your wife just kicked you out of your own home & now wants a divorce because you can not hold down a job
    & the only thing you have left to your name is a cellphone that just ran out of minutes you are in the right place.

    The answer to all why questions is because-And move on.

    Even a steer can try ( Only farmers will get this ).

    No one owns anything-They just get to manage it until the day that they die-Howard Hughes.

    When people proclaim that it is the principle & not the money-What they really mean is it's the money.

    Never say anything to anyone more than one time.

    Many extremely successful beautiful gorgeous women & overly handsome wealthy men
    often times tend to care about themselves-Way to much.

    If all three of your girlfriends are pissed off at you at the same time-Get another sponsor-
    You may be in the wrong program- Sex Addiction

    If you are all alone in the middle of a wilderness lake in rough weather & your boat suddenly flips over
    ask God for help & start swimming for shore immediately ( Dr. Phil ).

    If having sex is more important to you than your personal relationship with God-You are not alone around here.

    A rich man is not the one who has the most-He is the one who needs the least.

    Like it or not, everything in our past lives, our future lives & right now is just the way it is supposed to be
    according to God's plan for each of us human beings.

    The children of active alcoholics, drug addicts or other types of addicts are almost always smarter
    than their parents & always know exactly what is going on around them.

    Easy come easy go.

If no one told you they care about you today-We do!
If you can not see it in yourself or acknowledge it you can not fix it!
God does not do dishes or recovery work for recovering people.
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Dayton, Ohio
Hurt People Hurt People ( remember that if you are falling in love again )!
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