Take Your Power Back

    Some very unfortunate recovering people feel worthless & valueless as a person because some sick caretaker
    of theirs or other screwed up adult child person did or said terrible things to them when they were kids
    ( Sins Of The Fathers ) ( Family Secrets ).

    If they fail to stop judging the sick people who harmed them & find a way to  forgive  them,
    their violators will continue to hold power over them for every day of the rest of their lives.

    If they are continuing to  judge  someone who hurt them in their past lives
    they remain there with them whether they are aware of that fact or not ( John Bradshaw ).

    People who hold  resentments  against other people are often times unknowingly only hurting themselves.

    It is like them drinking poison thinking that it will kill the other person.

    Living Well Is The Best Revenge & the only way to ever win The Let's Get Over Childhood Abuse Game.

    Recovering people who were  abused  as children can in fact take their power back away
    from their violators who have hurt or harmed them in their past lives.

    We suggest that they begin by repeating this simple  Mantra .

    Say it over & over again every single day.

    We would also suggest professional  counseling  to help them overcome
    & let go of their childhood trauma or abuse issues.

    If you are in recovery you must also find a way to forgive yourself for all that you have done
    to hurt or harm others & yourself in your past life or you will never be able to help others who still suffer.

    Recovery is not about  blame.

    It is more about learning how to forgive by letting go of the past & moving on to a new & better way
    of thinking & living which is entirely different than many of us were familiar with in the past.

    Forgiving people who have harmed you in the past is very difficult & especially so for victims
    who suffered extremely severe life damaging  trauma  or   abuse.

    Some offenders do not deserve forgiveness.

    No one on Earth can deny or even debate that fact.

    In choosing to forgive them we do not make their personal choices, acts or dysfunctional behaviors okay.

    We simply refuse to allow them to have further negative consequences on our lives.

    All human beings deserve to live happy, joyous & free.

    That includes people who were  abused or neglected  as innocent children through no fault of their own.
Get it that addiction or codependency is not about you but what had happened to you through no fault of your own.
Hush I pray you! What if this friend happen to be-God? God teaches us to help each other so-Lending our minds out ( Browning ).
Father Forgive Them
For They Know Not What They Do
Jesus Christ
Dayton, Ohio Recovery Community
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