Other Undesirable Behaviors:

    Secrecy, hiding, covering up, sneaking, lying, dishonesty,
    rationalization, justification & entitlement often run
    with sex, love & romance addiction or co-sex addiction.

    Many recovering sex addicts also consider
    these types of character defects or short comings
    to be bottom line behavior.


    Triggers are certain people, behaviors, objects, images,
    places, thoughts, feelings, activities or things that cause
    sex, love & romance addicts to unconsciously go into a
    trance like state of being & begin to act out in their
    addiction utilizing their own preferred personal bottom line
    behaviors. Some sex addicts consider H.A.L.T. Hungry,
    Angry, Lonely, Tired, unstructured time or being alone
    major triggers.

    Trigger recognition & avoidance at any & all cost
    is vitally important in the beginning of the recovery

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