Addiction is the only illness that tells you that you don't have it.

    Maureen Canning, a therapist at The Meadows, believes at least half of the sexually addicted
    or co-sexually addicted people in America have to be women.

    If not, who are the sexually addicted or co-sexually addicted men acting out with? Themselves?

    Sexual addiction is said to be the most powerful addiction of them all.

    It is always the very last addiction recovering alcoholics & drug addicts self identify in themselves.

    Sex, love, romance & co-sex addicts always leave a trail of destruction behind them.

    Women in recovery for sex, love or romance addiction must self identify
    their very own personal  bottom line behaviors.

    They must also self identify their triggers which are certain people, images, places, thoughts,
    things, objects or feelings that cause them to go into a trance like state of being & act out sexually.

    There is no intimacy in sex, love or romance addiction whatsoever.

    The sex addict comes on, the love addict hangs on & the romance addict always moves on.

    General signpost in women:  (  Sex Industry Workers  )

    Women who suffer from  hypersexuality  or  promiscuity  through no fault of their own ( victims of sexual abuse ).

    Women who think more like a man when it comes to relationships, commitment or sex ( important signpost ).

    Women who act out sexually, romantically or emotionally to lesson their pain or augment their pleasure.

    Women who do not want to be in a committed relationship but at the same time wants men
    to be sexual with them in secret behind closed doors so their family members, friends, loved ones
    or co-workers will not find out about it ( engaging in activities they would not want anyone to know about ).

    Women who routinely talk about abuse from another man in an attempt to make men feel sorry for them.

    Women who treat men & themselves like sex objects & not real live persons with feelings ( depersonalization ).

    Women who unconsciously  reenact  the exact type of sex acts they were abused with in their past lives
    out on to themselves or their romantic relationship partners.

    Women who unconsciously  reenact  their past life sexual abuse or incest issues out on to men
    who they are being sexual with in the form of sadistic relationship behaviors such as
    the emotionally abusive cat & mouse game or now she loves me now she don't game.

    Women who practice sadistic relationship behaviors such as trying to get men they have taken power over
    all hooked into them by being sexual, romantic or emotionally connected with them & then suddenly & without
    prior warning abandon them in a very cruel & sadistic manner & then become overly nice to them & encourage
    them to remain friends just so they string them along, keep them on the hook & make them a part of their stash.
    All addicts have their stash & this includes female sex, love, romance & co-sex addicts.
    They do this so they will never run out of sexual, romantic or emotional acting out partners.

    Women who carry internalized rage from their unmet needs in the past & reenact that out on to men
    who they are being sexual, romantic or emotional with in the form of covert or overt emotional abuse,
    abandonment threats or actual abandonment. Taking power in the sexual arena is sexual acting out.

    Women who obtain  legal restraining orders  against their sexual acting out partners
    & then invite them back over to their place of residence & have sex with them.

    Women who lead a secret double life & go to great lengths to hide that fact from their family members, friends,
    co-workers & their outside world but not necessarily their sexual acting out partners
    who they carefully select knowing that they will enable them by agreeing to keep secrets
    in exchange for future or ongoing acting out privileges ( acting out buddies ).

    Women whose behind closed doors sexual behavior does not match the image of herself
    that she attempts to project to her outside world.
    Look at me, look at who I am, how perfect I am, how beautiful I am.
    See how everything about me is perfect.
    My neat & clean home, my superior way of dressing myself, carrying myself, my nice clean late model car,
    my work ethics, my career, my health, my religion, my education, my family, my relationships, my everything.
    See how positive I am. How successful I am.
    See my super positive mental attitude.
    See how I dislike negativity in others.
    See what a nice person I am.
    See how I am a woman of God. See the cross around my neck.
    I am in a twelve step recovery program. See how mature, responsible, functional & emotionally healthy I am.
    Typical very clever hiding tricks & effective cover-ups for many female sex, love & romance addicts.

    Women who prefer to or insist on having more than one intimate relationship partner at the same time.

    Women who constantly cruise around various different places including the inter-net, churches, bars, night
    clubs, singles dances, twelve step recovery program meetings ( 13th Stepping  ) or  singles events  always
    looking or searching for new or more exciting romantic or sexual relationship partners ( Cruising ).

    Women who purposely dress to attract sexual attention ( advertising ) or at other times dress conservative
    as a cover-up to avoid detection.

    Women who repeatedly use the excuse I simply could not help myself after allowing themselves
    to become sexual with a person they are not in a loving, caring & mutually committed relationship with.

    Women who allow themselves to become sexual with someone without using ample protection
    when they are not absolutely certain about possible sexually transmitted disease
    in the other person(s) or themselves.

    Women who allow themselves to become sexual with someone when they know the other person(s)
    or they themselves are infected with sexually transmitted disease.

    Women who constantly & routinely flirt with men they are attracted to anywhere & everywhere.

    Women who constantly obsess over & talk about their love life & feel they would really be happy
    if they could just meet the right person & use signpost & red flag terms such as on the rebound, he hit on me,
    he was a hunk, or he was a player
    ( women who know nothing about sexual addiction call male sex addicts players, hunks or hot ).

    Women who enjoy or who are obsessed with taking power over men who lack the capacity to say no
    & use their sexual attractiveness or sexuality for the sole purpose of achieving that goal ( use men ).

    Women who always end up becoming bored & move on after the newness
    & initial excitement of a romantic or sexual relationship finally wears off ( romance addicts ).

    Women who always move on sooner or later after they finally succeed in seducing someone.

    Women who have had sex with more than one person in the same day or at the same time.

    Women who are primarily attracted to men who always end up abandoning them sooner or later.

    Women who have sex with men who they are not really in love with & refer to this type of
    promiscuous behavior as getting their needs met or dating.

    Women who have a fixation on or an obsession with performing or receiving oral sex ( signpost of sex abuse ).

    Women who insist on their sexual partners making their sexual acting episodes our little secret.

    Women who engage in habitual or compulsive masturbation with or without use of pornography.

    Women who do not experience sexual feelings & have no desire to be sexual with anyone ( sexual avoidance ).

    Women who refer to men they are being intimate, romantic, emotional or sexual with as just good friends.

    Women who are having sex with someone when there is no mutual commitment
    & refer to this type of dangerous dysfunctional relationship behavior as dating.

    Women who lack the capacity to be honest with themselves or others
    concerning their abnormal or sociably unacceptable sexual or romantic relationship behavior.

    Women who routinely blame their romantic relationship partners for all of their love life problems.

    Women who have sexualized everything or made everything about sex or confuse sex with love.

    Women who lack the ability or capacity to be intimate or honest with their relationship partners
    or bond with them in a normal & healthy manner which includes mutual commitment, trust & monogamy.

    Women who keep their focus & attention on a man's sex organs or size of his organs & not his person.

    Women who dress to attract sexual attention or dress conservatively as a cover-up.

    Women who have the habit of hanging on to someone they are in a sexual
    or non-sexual relationship with just until someone better comes along.

    Women who lack normal healthy  personal boundaries  & can not always say no
    to people that they are attracted to that come on to them sexually, romantically or emotionally.

    Women who can not or will not commit to anyone they are being romantic or sexual with.

    Women who think most women engage in many of the above listed
    extremely dysfunctional or abusive emotional, romantic or sexual relationship behaviors.

    Women who feel they are entitled to engage in any of the above listed
    extremely dysfunctional sexual, emotional or romantic relationship behaviors.

    Women who have recognized sex, love or romance addiction or co-sex addiction in any of their past
    or current romantic relationship partners or anyone they are currently sexually, emotionally or romantically
    attracted to ( If You Spot It You Got It? ).

    Women who were born & raised in families where addiction or alcoholism was present in other family members:

    Information About Sexual Addiction:

Video about sexual addiction in women

    Legal Disclaimer:
    Information on this website was provided by recovering sex, love & romance addicts & co-sex addicts
    who choose to remain anonymous.
    Simply their own personal perceptions or opinions concerning the subject matter which do not necessarily reflect or represent
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    Said information is not guaranteed or warranted to be true, correct, accurate or factual.
    We are not duly qualified mental health professionals nor do we claim to be.
    Sex, love, romance addiction & co-sex addiction have the power to destroy & take human lives.
    It is for this reason visitors should always consult with a duly qualified professional counselor, therapist or treatment center
    that specializes in diagnosing & treating sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction before they attempt
    to do anything suggested ( Self Help Suggestions ) on this website or other websites it links them to.
    Any personal knowledge visitors may have gained will have no power whatsoever over addictions or codependency.
    Take What You Like & Leave The Rest.

Red Flags
12 Step Recovery Programs Sexual Addiction

    Sadly, few women ever make it out of sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction.

    Our society has double standards which are not favorable to women when it comes to issues with sexual promiscuity.

    That is why it is more difficult for women who suffer from sexual addiction problems to choose to reach out for recovery help.

    Please know that 12 Step Recovery Programs that deal with sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction

    are a safe place for women who are seeking relief & recovery even though they are attended mostly by male sex addicts.

    Recovering men who will not judge them & treat them with mutual understanding & respect.
    Women recovering from sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction must learn all about  personal boundaries  
    & learn how to enforce them diligently wherever they are or go including twelve step recovery meetings.
    That is the first step in beginning to love & care about themselves so they can protect themselves from further harm.
    It is understood by all recovering sex, love, romance & co-sex addicts their twelve step meetings are not a place to meet
    sexual partners making it a safe place for all in attendance. They will enforce this rule if violated by any member.

Hush I pray you! What if this friend happen to be-God? God teaches us to help each other so-Lending our minds out ( Browning ).
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All 12 Step Recovery Meetings In The Dayton, Ohio Area Are Anonymous.
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No one outside of the meetings will ever know you attended or what you shared.
They are a safe place for women to begin recovery for sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction.
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40% of the visitors to inter-net pornography websites are women
All female sex, love & romance addicts must self identify their own personal bottom line behaviors & triggers
& stop acting out in them to achieve abstinence & sobriety to avoid taking on more painful consequences.
    The signpost listed on this page are general in nature.
    If you engage in these types of behaviors it does not necessarily mean
    that you are sexually addicted. Make an appointment with a
    professional counselor or therapist for expert diagnosis & advice.