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    Recovering sex, love or romance addicts must self identify their very own compulsive addictive bottom line behaviors.

    Bottom line sexual acting out behaviors are the specific ways a sex, love, romance or co-sex addict acts out.

    No two addicts are alike in respect to bottom line behaviors as each individual addict has different preferences.

    Basically the sex addict comes on, the love addict hangs on & the romance addict always moves on.

    Active untreated sexually addicted people act out sexually utilizing their very own personal bottom line behaviors.

    They do this when triggered to lesson their pain or augment their pleasure.

    The Safe Formula

    Triggers: Certain people, images, objects, places, thoughts, feelings, situations, activities or things that cause sex,
    love & romance addicts to unconsciously-semi consciously go into a trance like state of being & begin to act out in
    their addiction utilizing their very own preferred personal bottom line behaviors. Some addicts consider being alone
    with a computer or smart phone, unstructured time, isolation or H.A.L.T. Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired triggers.
    Trigger recognition & avoidance at any & all cost is vitally important in the beginning of the recovery process.

    General Bottom Line Behaviors:

    Sly Sleaze
    Inappropriate Sexual Innuendos/Comments

    Unsafe Or Unprotected Sex

    Looking at, staring at, observing or watching people you are attracted to whether they are clothed or not.
    Staring at pornography on a computer screen is a form of Voyeurism & so is channel flipping TV for sexual content.
    Trying to see something you are not supposed to see by purposely looking down women's blouses or up their skirts
    with or without use of photography or video cameras or other creative spying devices such as mirrors.
    Secretly watching or observing other people with or without use of binoculars or telescopes ( Window Peeping ).
    Secretly photographing or video taping people undressing or having sex in your own home or other places.

    Other Undesirable Behaviors: secrecy, hiding, covering up, sneaking, lying, dishonesty, rationalization,
    deception, justification & entitlement often run with sex, love & romance addiction or co-sex addiction.

    Many recovering sex addicts also consider these types of character defects or short comings bottom line behavior.

    Sex, love & romance addicts always leave a trail of destruction behind them.

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    Legal Disclaimer:
    Information on this website www.flybenji.org/ was provided by recovering sex, love & romance addicts & co-sex addicts
    who choose to remain anonymous.
    Simply their own personal perceptions or opinions concerning the subject matter which do not necessarily reflect or represent
    the view point or position of any other recovery related concern, fellowship or organization this website links visitors to.
    Said information is not guaranteed or warranted to be true, correct, accurate or factual.
    We are not duly qualified mental health professionals nor do we claim to be.
    Sex, love, romance addiction & co-sex addiction have the power to destroy & take human lives.
    It is for this reason visitors should always consult with a duly qualified professional counselor, therapist or treatment center
    that specializes in diagnosing & treating sex, love, romance addiction or co-sex addiction
    before they attempt to do anything  suggested ( Self Help Suggestions ) on this website or other websites it links them to.
    Any personal knowledge visitors may have gained will have no power whatsoever over addictions or codependency.
    Please Take What You Like & Leave The Rest.
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    to suffer from impaired thinking to the extreme:

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    There is no intimacy in sexual addiction whatsoever.

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All 12 Step Recovery Meetings In The Dayton, Ohio Area Are Anonymous In Nature.
They use first names only.
No one outside of the meeting will ever know you were there or what you shared.
They are a safe place to begin recovery for sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction.
What All Active Untreated Sex, Love, Romance & Co-Sex Addicts Are Really Doing Is Losing Their Lives!
Sex, Love, Romance Addiction & Co-Sex Addiction Always Leaves A Trail Of Destruction Behind it.

Warning for all of the very unfortunate people in the Dayton, Ohio area that suffer from sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction
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Addiction is the only illness that tells you that you do not have it. Sex addiction is very powerful.
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Recovering Sex, Love, Romance Addicts & Co-Sex Addicts Experience A Higher Level Of Consciousness.
    If you feel that you or someone you know has a problem with sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction based
    on the information on this website or included in any of the videos above we urge you to reach out for help
    by making an appointment with a counselor or therapist that specializes in diagnosing & treating sex, love, romance &
    co-sex addiction in men & women.

    In the event finances are a concern the next best thing would be to visit at least six 12 step recovery meetings
    that deal with sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction to get started learning all about sex addiction, how it works
    & what has to be done to get out of it. Sex Addiction is treatable & many addicts have been able to overcome it.

    The average person has to be actively pursuing recovery for at least 3 to 5 years before the addiction even begins
    to lose the power that it has over them. Recovery efforts must continue for many years to come or the addiction
    may return right where it left off. That is just how powerful sex, love, romance or co-sex addiction really is.

    Many of us who have achieved abstinence have committed ourselves to a whole new way of thinking & living.
All Sex, Love or Romance Addicts must stop Acting Out in their
Bottom Line Behavior to become Abstinent & achieve Recovery
Do you give your power away to what you see in a face or body?
Is that behavior on your part causing you to suffer painful feelings?
Guilt? Shame? Anxiety? Hopelessness? Anger? Resentment? Confusion? Frustration?